Our Vision


Convention Nation started with Kim Estep’s absence at an important regional conference. You may have been there before: In 2014, she received a call from a customer asking her why she wasn’t at the event he was attending. She searched the web for the event listing, and came up short...even the association didn’t have a web presence. After digging deeper into event search, she discovered many sites for consumer events (including movies, outdoor concerts, and fairs), but very few online event information for professional events, domestic conferences and conventions.

During her lunch hours, she began to develop a business plan on the wall of her office with sticky-notes. Eventually, Convention Nation was formed. The MVP was launched in mid-2015, and now we are a small team, passionate about promoting in-person meetings and events, because we believe that in person matters. We want to encourage the development of relationships using handshakes, not emails.

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Our Mission is for the Convention Nation of Attendees and Exhibitors to have the best experience possible at the conferences, conventions and trade shows they attend.

We intend to accomplish this through providing the most useful and complete online event information to the Convention Nation. This information includes convention reviews, conference guest speaker analysis, convention location-specific travel and planning tips, real-time event coverage and insider convention information.

Our mission is important to us because we value in-person meetings and networking. In-person matters because the development of relationships using handshakes and personal interaction that happens at conferences, trade shows and conventions serves as a foundation to innovation and collaboration that can then be distributed on a large scale using technology, such as the Convention Nation website.

For Convention Nation Attendees:

We want conference Attendees to use ConventionNation.com to find the most highly rated conferences, conventions, and trade shows in the United States and the most complete online event information. Getting you to the right event allows you to network, sell, and learn.

Once you find your favorite events, our priority is to provide useful information to create the best experience possible at the conference and conventions you attend! Convention Nation will have early bird conference registration pricing, travel tips, the best places to dine and stay for the convention, conference speaker bios and user reviews.

Convention Nation will help you find the people you are looking to meet with at the conferences and trade shows you attend. Our matching system will take the information you tell us about what you want to get from your event attendance, and match you with other Convention Nation users based on these preferences. Looking for new customers? Launching a new product? Want to build new vendor relationships? Don’t show up at the event cold and hope that you meet someone who can help you. Create a profile on Convention Nation and our tools will do the hard work for you!

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For Convention Nation Meeting Planners:

We want Convention Nation Meeting Planners to plan successful events that Attendees learn from and enjoy. Feedback and Reviews from the Convention Nation will tell you what’s important to them and how you can improve their convention experience. 

Use our database of over 3,000 events on the website to run reports on other events that are scheduled for the same venue you are planning your conference for. See dates, Attendee feedback and hot topics from those events to use in your meeting planning. 

Claim your event on Convention Nation and tell our users everything they should know about it. Interact with their feedback real time and post schedule, speaker and pricing updates as they become available!

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For Convention Nation Exhibitors:

We want Convention Nation Exhibitors to network and to be a part of the event conversation. Use Convention Nation to learn about what Attendees are looking for, and give it to them! Place an ad in the search results or category for your industry to build awareness about your exhibit. 

Align your exhibit with opportunities to do business and expand brand recognition at a specific conference or show by joining the real-time convention updates and responding to feedback from the Attendees. Invite Convention Nation Attendees to your Exhibit with promotions and respond to their feedback real time!

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The Future of Convention Nation:

Convention Nation has over 3,000 conventions, conferences and trade shows listed on the site, and over 1.5 million to go! We’re looking for partnerships with industry vendors and event planning companies to help us build out even more events for the Convention Nation Exhibitors and Attendees to find. The Convention Nation wants to discover the most relevant events for their professional sales and development, and you can tell us about them!

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Join the Convention Nation:

Now that you've read all about us, join the Convention Nation! You can create an account and begin building your profile in just a minute or two, then we can get to work helping you discover all of the conferences, trade shows and events you are interested in!