Why Should I Pay to Become a Member?

By joining our community, you're putting your money to work where it benefits YOU. You're committed to getting the most benefit out of every conference or tradeshow you attend. Your dollars are valuable, and you want them spent on only the very best experiences, in the highest-quality venues, with people who can contribute the most to your success. You don't attend professional events without having a good reason for doing so. You believe that a group of like-minded event consumers can help direct the future of live events in your industry, because it's your dollars speaking. Those dollars, when combined with other like-minded people, create a significant force of influence. That is the power of the Convention Nation.

Your immediate membership benefits are:

  • Creation of an exclusive participant profile, allowing us to recommend events that match your preferences
  • A monthly digital newsletter personalizing those event suggestions, delivered to your inbox
  • Negotiated discounts on products and services that make your travel experience better
  • Networking suggestions at the events you register for (and in the future, we’ll make those appointments for you)
  • Notification of speaking opportunities in your area of expertise
  • Special coupon codes that save you money on event registration, or upgrade you to a higher-tier ticket
  • And best of all, tips and tricks from our own team of conference reviewers and from the greater community

Think back to your time in college. If you’d had the opportunity to pay a membership fee to an organization that negotiated discounts on college tuition credits, wouldn’t you have done so? Well you’ll find great education opportunities with us--and we’ll help save you money. For a fraction of the cost of college.