• 2017 | La Jolla, CA
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About ProcureCon Direct 2017


ProcureCon Direct is the only senior-level event solely dedicated to the unique challenges facing direct sourcing and procurement. Building upon the successful 17 year history of ProcureCon events, ProcureCon Direct is customized for those in charge of price modeling, supplier management and disruption in the changing political landscape. Attendees will leave with execution strategies on a clearer vision moving forward for their company.

ProcureCon events are an inclusive experience: You're encouraged to interact and network with everyone and anyone at the conference, at any time during the event. You're not forced to meet with vendors, nor are you forbidden to meet with them. There are a multitude of interactive session formats during the event, in both large and small groups, because you don't want to be talked at 8 hours a day for 3 days. It's your conference, and you're encouraged to customize your agenda and experience as you'd like.

ProcureCon conference agendas are built through months market research and interviews with procurement practitioners, to make sure they reflect today's core challenges and opportunities. You will learn not just how to do a better job today, but prepare for the job you'll be doing tomorrow. ProcureCon doesn't chase trends, it remains ahead of them.

ProcureCon started with a single conference in 2001—a direct materials purchasing event for manufacturing companies. As corporations started giving corporate and indirect spend over to procurement to manage, ProcureCon Indirect was created in 2008. In 2011, the Indirect event split into Indirect East and Indirect West to give procurement practitioners a choice to attend in the fall or winter, based on their schedules. The Indirect events are big picture, senior-level, strategy-setting educational and networking events that cut across all industry verticals.

At these events, attendees asked for more content for some of the most complex categories they manage, so ProcureCon launched specific category events for Marketing, IT, Travel and Contingent Labor.

Finally, ProcureCon Canada serves the specific needs of Canadian procurement practitioners, while ProcureCon Pharma caters to the uniqueness of procurement and sourcing for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.


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